Monday, February 7, 2011

Well, it's just my opinion...but it's pretty darn interesting

So, I've decided, for whatever reason (and it could be that cold medicine) to begin blogging again.  And what, my friends, really is blogging other than offering up one's opinions without being asked.  What makes me think that anyone in their right mind (and that could be the key to the question) would give a hoot about my opinion? And yet, here I sit blogging myself silly. It could just as easily have been called "opinionating" but that doesn't really carry with it the cachet of a "web log."   All this might be more interesting if it were a log of everywhere I've been on the web.  At least then you could feel superior to me because I keep looking up the correct usage of "who" and "whom."

I have a number of friends and acquaintances who blog.  Their blogs, by contrast, I find quite good and interesting.  Politics, religion, monetary policy, NCIS--these are the subjects of their blogs and I'm fascinated.  

I, on the other hand, am not full of facts. Oh, I know some things, but I couldn't tell you with any certainty that I'm going to sway any one person to a point of view because of the astounding command I have of facts and figures. I can't even tell you that my stuff here is going to spark any conversation (other than the usual, "dang I'm sick of this guy.")  I only have my opinion, but through the magic of this blog server I can offer up every little nugget of sludge and drivel that I can think of on a host of topics. Or one topic.  Or no topic at all.  And you, my friend, have come along and are willingly reading this and thinking, "geez, what a jerk" or, "Ooo, maybe if I keep reading it will get better."  Just think, by the end of this post you could be stupider than when you started. All because you read my blog.  Perhaps that gives you something to look forward to.  You're welcome.

Unfortunately, I think this may be what we've become: a nation of opinions based on little more than our gut feeling and upbringing (although I'm pretty sure some things I've written have my parents rolling in their respective graves, God rest their souls when they're through spinning.)

"Well, that's just the way I feel."

"Well, I may not know much, but I know how I feel about ...."

"Hey, I'm no expert, but..."

So here I sit both pronouncing my opinion and, at the same time, decrying the fact that
I can so easily express it. Is this a great, ironic country or what?

The beauty of these bloggy things is that it's not a meritocracy. I am not compelled to stop blogging because nobody reads my posts. Frankly,if this were a business, I'd be broke by now because so few people read my stuff; few people even know about it. But it's not a business so I can just keep on flapping my fingers and if you happen to fall into my blog (and out of the gazillions of things that are on the internet to capture your attention, if you fell into this you really have my sympathy) you'll read some of it. You might even be intrigued for a moment or two as you go looking in vain for illustrations.  And then, with any luck, you'll realize that I'm just as full of c--p as the next guy and go back to hunting for porn.

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